Whats App video calling feature

Wait is over. Whats App has recently launched its video calling feature 7 days back on 11th November,2016. Now you can use this feature on all devices like Android,iPhone and Windows phone. There are other video calling apps also available but the most awaiting was this one as 1 billion people are using whats app.… Read More »

Some interesting features of YouTube

If you are a cyberspace user then you must know about YouTube.According to Alexa Internet YouTube is the second most popular website after Google.YouTube was founded in  February 2005 by Steve Chen,Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim.And later it was acquired by Google in November 2006.Basically its a video sharing website headquartered in California,US. YouTube is… Read More »

Best video calling app

एक जमाना था जब लोग लैंडलाइन फ़ोन के माध्यम से एक दुसरे से बाते करते थे लेकिन आज इसकी जगह मोबाइल फ़ोन ने ले ली है | मोबाइल फ़ोन का वजन और आकर कम होने की वजह से हम आसानी से अपनी जेब में रखकर ले जा सकते है| मोबाइल फ़ोन आज हमारे जीवन का… Read More »

How to increase life of your mobile phone’s battery (In Hindi)

आज दुनिया में 4.77 बिलियन लोग मोबाइल फ़ोन इस्तेमाल करते है | ये संख्या दिन प्रतिदिन बढती ही जाएगी कम नहीं होगी और आने वाले सालों में यें बढ़कर 5 बिलियन को भी पार कर जाएगी | मोबाइल फ़ोन इस्तेमाल करने वालो के लिए सबसे बड़ी समस्या है फ़ोन की बैटरी लाइफ | मोबाइल फ़ोन… Read More »

Whats App tips and tricks:That might be you don’t know

Whats App started in January 2010 and founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton. As of now whats app has over 1 billion users globally. This is one of the most popular mobile app worldwide. It’s an instant messaging app and it was acquired by Facebook in 2014.We use the app to send text message,audio,video,image… Read More »